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Wrinkle Brain Plays

Plays for Execution on May 3, 2023. In the style of Olde English

Plays for Execution on May 3, 2023. In the style of Olde English

Tickers of Interest - TL;DR

Gamma Max Cross

  • NYCB 06/16 10P for $0.55 or less
  • GFI 06/16 16P for $0.60 or less
  • TZA 06/16 34P for $3.30 or less
  • DELL 06/16 42.5P for $1.00 or less
  • WKHS 06/16 1P for $0.10 or less

Delta Neutral Cross

  • KMI 06/16 17C for $0.30 or less
  • AXP 06/16 155C for $5.25 or less
  • MPC 06/16 120C for $3.45 or less
  • PM 06/16 97.5C for $2.20 or less
  • OKTA 06/16 75C for $2.90 or less

A Trading Bard’s Tale - Of The Delightful Crayon’s Savour

Hark, noble traders! Lend me thine ears, for I’ve divined a strategy from the science of yore, which they called technical analysis. Bestow thine eyes upon my calculations of open interest and the bewitching spells of Delta and Gamma! 🧙‍♂️✨

By harnessing these ancient powers, we shall uncover the elusive moments when Gamma reaches its zenith and Delta doth flirt with zero. And lo and behold, ‘tis from these sacred price levels past that we create signals to guide our trading dances. 💃

Armed with a binomial model of options, I shall reveal the entry prices and plays designed to conjure gains mighty and swift. Oh, what a joy our profits shall spark!💫

Chronicles - Those tales that add wrinkles to thy minds 📜

  • Beware: if entry prices have shifted since our plays were crafted, for that may signal unwanted change harboring potential misfortune. ⚠️
  • Upon doubling thy gains, prudently sell half, and let destiny guide the rest. 🪄
  • My fortune determines how much I risk: great conviction begets one full percent, while doubt brings merely a quarter or half. ‘Tis all for the sake of wise dollar cost averaging. 💰
  • Mind thee: our plays were crafted ere the market’s awakening; news yet to come may render them unworthy. Stay ever vigilant!👀

A Troubadour’s Queries - Verily, thou art not alone in questioning 🤔

  • Pray tell, dost thou favour the puts, O bear of questionable inclination? 🐻

    • Nay! It’s but a fleeting serendipity, for these companies’ lofty heights seem indeed precarious. Their inevitable descent we shall ride for fortune’s favour.
  • Shall all these heavenly plays find entry upon thy ledger? 📚

    • Not all, kind sir! These ideas are a mere offering to inspire thine own gainful pursuits. Peruse, choose, and concoct thine way to prosperous gains! 💸
  • A play on yon ticker was mentioned of yore. What dost it signify? 🕰️

    • Replace the ancient with the new, for the old may turn treacherous. Trust in the freshest intelligence and cease the chase!
  • But wherefore be the crayons neither here nor afoot? 🖍️

    • Prithee, peruse the links above 🖼️
  • A worthy test these plays have faced, dost thou concur? 🧪

    • Indeed, revealing a Sharpe Ratio of 1.76, a 63% win rate, and a 7% margin of error. 📈
  • With great curiosity, thou askest of the historical victories? 🏆

    • As of yon day in yonder year (2023-04-30), the Sharpe Ratio stands at 1.82 with a 66% win rate. Between 62% and 73% are the future fortunes foretold! Mark it well!
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