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Wrinkle Brain Plays

Plays for Execution on April 24, 2023. In the style of an Anime Waifu.

Plays for Execution on April 24, 2023. In the style of an Anime Waifu.

Tickers of Interest - TL;DR

Gamma Max Cross

  • AAPL 05/19 160P for $2.55 or less
  • LVS 05/19 60P for $0.80 or less
  • LABU 05/19 5P for $0.15 or less
  • GILD 05/19 85P for $1.35 or less
  • LOW 05/19 210P for $4.50 or less

Delta Neutral Cross

  • TSLA 05/19 170C for $6.00 or less
  • T 05/19 19C for $0.10 or less
  • ABNB 05/19 120C for $4.05 or less
  • IQ 05/19 7.5C for $0.10 or less
  • GPS 05/19 9P for $0.30 or less

Twading Thesis - Why These Cwayons Yummy 🍬

Technicaw anawysis and indiwator magic twends to use past $$ histowy to predict important pricey-wicey today. 🧐

This anawysis is 🅱️ased on current option open interest (so fancy schmancy). Using those options, it calcuwates super cwl portfoliw-levew greeks—specialwy Dwelta and Gamma (oooh, shiny)! 🌟🌟 After figurin’ out portfoliw-levew greeks, I can now simulate the changey in greeks (sneaky sneaky shifts) at different pricey points. Then, I can find the price points where portfoliw-levew gamma is the highest and portfoliw-levew dwelta is nearwy 0 🎯.

For some tickews, the underwyin’ stock price goes bouncy-bounce off delta neutwal, gamma max, or swoosh-both. 🎢

It’s the reaxion off of these pricey 🤑 points in the past that’s driving those twading signals. 💡

The pways and target entry prices are calculated wif a yummy binomiawl option pricin’ modew (mq=.=q>). It reflects how big 🌝 and how long 😔 the reaxion from gamma max or dwelta neutwal might be. Many of these pways make bank 💰 when stocks move! Da bestest pways benefit from both directions uwu and the vwoomy increase in IV 🚀.

Nwotes - Get Wready for Mind Wrinkles 🧠

  • If the pricewice zwooms past ⚡ entry price, hold your horses 🐎. Somefing changed ‘twixt dem pways generation and market open. 🚦
  • Sell half your stuff 💼 on a double-up, an’ free-roll da west to exit wheneva you fancy. ✨
  • I risk my 💰 up to 1% on any twades I take. Not feelin’ too sure? Then I onwy use 0.5% or 0.25% and buy responsibly. 🤓
  • These twades were calculated before market open 🔔, so keep in mind dey’re based on yesteryeawy’s infowmation. 😬

FAQ - Cuz Vewwy Good Questions! ❓

  • Puts a lot, r u a gay bear? 🏳️‍🌈🐻
    • Nope, just happen that de companies had some recent runny-wunny - could be overextended. These twades mostly follow a mean-reversion path. ✌️
  • Are you doing all these pways?
    • Nah. I’m just makin’ suggestions for gainny-wain porn. Go tru dis pawesome list, find da oneschu wike, back it up wif moar anawysis and get dem gainz! 💪🎯
  • New play—same tick? Wat dat mean?
    • I’m sayin’, dump da old, in wiff da nu! Don’t be chasin’ price, value ur money-honey! A new day has new, yummy data. 📈🤑
  • Crayons? 🖍️ … WHERE?!?!
    • Up there! ^^^^ Click, bam, wow! 🌠
  • Back-tested much?
    • Heckie, yes. Modiwate Sharpe Ratio (1.76) and 63% winmin rate (7% wiggle room). 🏆
  • What about historwical borkformance? 📜
    • We gotz realizwoed Sharpe Ratio 1.85 and winny rate 68%. It 95% wikelwy the wins gonna be ‘twixt 63% and 75%. (Stats as of 2023-03-31) 🎉
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