Half On A Double preserve capital and gain tendies.

Half On A Double. This is meant to help household investors, or non-institutional investors earn tendies.

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Philosophy: Simplicity, Best Practices and High Performance


What HOAD Focuses On

Risk management above all else. Gain porn--while desirable--becomes irrelevant if you can only post gain porn screenshots from a paper trading account.

Selling Half on a double

The namesake of this website. The goal here is to get back the original principal committed to a trade. Freerolling gains is far less stressful leading to fewer irrational, emotional, incorrect decisions.

Rational Decision Making

Two major emotions which wreck traders are greed and fear. Learning to manage both is a long way to preserving capital.

Proper Education Foundation

For those looking for a proper foundation in how to trade options, we recommend reading `Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives` by John Hull (10th Edition or later)


Trading options is stressful enough. Freerolling--where the effective cost of the position is $0.00--melts a lot of that stress away.

Knowing the Greeks

It is entirely possible to lose money on a put contract when the stock price goes down.

More Advanced Techniques

Once you've learned the basics, I suggest reading the original Black Scholes option pricing paper.

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